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Leverage our deep expertise in MarTech to conduct your vendor selection

Maximize the value of your marketing cloud.

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Winning on exceptional customer experiences is not solely dependent on technology.

First establish your purpose, performance, people, and process. Define the desired customer journey, identify the metrics you'll be using to measure success, and consider the data flows and business process engineering required to achieve your goals. Selecting the right technology infrastructure should be done near the end of your customer experience transformation planning. That’s because you cannot digitize what you have not documented. The value in modern marketing clouds and MarTech in general is based on their workflow engines.

Lima Consulting Group

The key to success lies in paying for the right technology, without overpaying for capabilities you don't need.

A well-designed tech stack consists of three tiers: the presentation layer, the business logic, and the storage zone. The business logic tier is the core of your solution and where you should focus your investment. This tier encapsulates the rules, processes, and algorithms that drive your organization. LCG can help you select technology that fits your presentation layer needs, but ultimately, the cost of your MarTech stack will be determined by its capability. It's essential to ensure that you're allocating your resources wisely by investing in technology that aligns with your requirements and desired business outcomes. Don't overspend on technology that offers more than what your organization truly needs.

Lima Consulting Group

Once you have a clear understanding of your requirements and objectives, you can begin to rightsize the features you need from your technology.

Striking this balance between functionality and cost-effectiveness is crucial. Leverage our deep expertise in MarTech to help your organization in the vendor selection process. Our experienced team of consultants can help you determine which vendors you ought to speak with, write your RFI and RFP, assist your team in establishing decision-making criteria, be a part of vendor technology demonstrations, and make recommendations on which technology to select.


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