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Organizations that win provide value at scale

Standardization and scale unlock innovation

Since 2004, we’ve built a catalogue of over 80 unique deliverables that can be created while leveraging the Workforce Transformation Maturity Model. A typical client gets 16 – 36 of those deliverables, chosen based on your organization's needs and fashioned to support your transformation's purpose. Each deliverable has an associated project plan with standards, processes, workflows, and a pricing card. These project plans offer consistency and efficiency. We provide speed to value.

LCG’s Workforce Transformation Maturity Model


Common Ingredients to WX Success

  • The consensus view of WX is that it is a long-term, strategic, comprehensive initiative. It’s a portfolio of programs, not a one-off project.
  • Multiple Visionaries and Change Agents championing and funding WX
  • Multi-disciplinary and enterprise level commitment from BUs and Shared Services
  • Aspiration to advance an internal agenda towards a data-driven culture
  • Willingness to accelerate agility posture and monetize business model(s), both digital and traditional, through the use of automation and innovation.
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The Workforce Transformation Maturity Model is deeply intertwined with the Lima Consulting Group mission

Our mission is to help develop, deploy, and optimize digital experiences to create sustainable competitive advantages.

Whether the rationale to start your workforce transformation was a reaction to chase a competitive imperative or your aspiration is to transform your industry through competitive differentiators, our model applies.

Elevate your organization from person dependency to process dependency

In the modern economy, organizations must leverage process documentation and automation using digital tools. Well-established processes can standardize and scale the organization and help accelerate its growth. Organizations that that win, win by providing value at scale.